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Transitional White and Blue Kitchen

Featured is a transitional kitchen with touches that personalize the space for the client’s desires. The transformation away from a cherry craftsman style and into a white kitchen with mint accents helped brightened it up and made it appear larger, despite not having added to the overall square footage.


There are several special elements of note in this highly customized area. The island is a particularly lovely feature in a unique shape that allowed for the oven to be moved under the cooktop which allows an unobstructed view into the outdoors beyond. The use of a blue toned green paint reflected the color of the backsplash tile and tied the entire design together.


Another wish was to move into a solid surface countertop and get away from the high maintenance grout lines of the existing tiled surfaces. The quartz counter’s smooth surface allows for easier cleaning and mimics the tones found in the floor tile. It’s both practical and pleasing to the eye.


Finally the cabinets, customized for the client’s kitchen space, are a clean shade of white that allow for the colors to really pop. Adding a second upper cabinet row with lighting met the client’s desire to showcase various pieces of art that she wanted to display. By adding under cabinet lighting, the entire countertop is brightened and the backsplash tile has been illuminated.



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