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Beautiful Functionality

grab bar egan bathPlanning for the future is never a bad idea. While in the past the choice of safety grab bars was limited to institutional type fixtures that is no longer the case. This means that a home owner overlooking bathroom safety on the basis of appearance is no longer an excuse. In addition a bathroom can be a hazardous place where a grab bar can save you a lot of pain and money. In fact, according to a study performed by the NY Times, “235,000 people a year age 15 and older suffered injuries in the bathroom resulting in a trip to the emergency room.” 1 It’s time to invest in beautiful bars that transcend the sterile hospital look, and keep your family, your guests, and yourself safe.

To begin with grab bars come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Understanding your space issues will help you determine the size needed so you’re down to choosing style. Typically your fixtures have a primary finish in the bathroom so it’s easy to narrow down the style of a grab bar based on that aspect. The other option is to choose based on the overall feel of the bathroom.

Finally, a grab bar is far more than a safety feature. It can also function as a towel bar, soap shelf, and toilet paper holder. The construction of the bar itself, in tandem with the installation, gives it a sturdy base that won’t bend, warp or wrench out of the wall should you slip and grab onto it. With towels or robes draped on the grab bar it looks like a gorgeous fixture that adds to the overall richness of your bathroom design. Functional and beautiful!


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