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LED Lighting

Scoville kitchen remodel by CCKB

LED lighting for your remodeling projects

LED stands for light-emitting diodes which provide light when an electrical current passes through a semiconductor. In recent history there is a strong trend to switch from other types of lighting to LED lighting.
The reason for this trend is that LED lights are more energy efficient and durable because they have a much longer life span than other light bulbs. LED’s don’t burn out, the light output known as lumens diminish over time. But most LED lights are rated for several thousands of hours of lamp life which translates to several years of use in most cases.
Frequently, standard light fixtures can have LED light bulbs. Check the type of bulb your fixture currently uses and see if a LED bulb alternative is available for your fixture. There are also more and more fixtures on the market that have the LED lighting built into them. For example, traditionally standard recessed lights require a housing that has to be attached to the ceiling joist, so big holes in the ceiling need to be made and repaired. Because these lights generate heat, space needs to be adequate around the housing. This creates a situation where heat can be lost and insulation has to be used with this housing.

Now there is an alternative where a low profile LED ceiling light can be installed to a junction box in the ceiling. So there is no big housing required which also leave much smaller holes in the ceiling to be repaired in a remodeling situation.


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