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Pet Friendly Remodeling

QuinnPet Friendly Remodeling
What do we mean when we talk about “pet friendly” remodeling? At Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths we mean 2 things:
First we mean protecting your pet(s) during the project. If your pet’s nickname is Houdini we’ll need a strategy to keep him from escaping. If your pet is curious and loves meeting new people we’ll need to ensure that she stays out of the construction area for her own safety. Some clients make arrangements for a neighbor or friend to pet sit during the day, others send their dog to doggy day care. Still others shut the pets in another room.
Your pet’s food and water dishes need to be away from the dust that we inevitably create during remodeling. If your pet cannot have treats or people food please let us know so we don’t break house rules. Everyone here loves animals and your companion animal’s safety is a real concern for us.
The second thing we mean by “pet friendly” remodeling is including your pet’s needs in the new space. We can build in feeding stations, food storage, disguised litter boxes, and beds so your pets remain a part of your daily life. Even though our dog, Quinn, isn’t allowed in the kitchen when we’re cooking, he still sits hopefully at the kitchen door! We’ve made space for him in our home so he can watch us and of course, grab any stray bites that hit the floor.
Speaking of floors, during the design phase of your project we’ll talk to you about flooring that works well with pets and the occasional accidents. We can discuss storage for pet toys and bulk pet food. We can even change your windows to go all the way to the floor so your pet can have a view outside!
Our pets are part of our lives; part of our families and we at CCKB want to make sure your pets feel comfortable in your newly remodeled space. And don’t forget to say hi to Quinn the next time you’re in our showroom!


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